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The Journey into Modern Calligraphy

Like most of you'll, I got acquainted with Modern Calligraphy on Instagram about 4 years back. It was through "@Lamplighter London" by Chiara Perano (now known as @ciao_chiara). I was very fascinated with her free-flowing style of writing, and especially the fancy tools she used for it.

Before I knew it, I'd ordered her complete Calligraphy kit from London, and that happened to be the beginning of my journey in the art of Modern Calligraphy.


Modern Calligraphy is simply a term that has come to describe the new, more immediate and fun hand-written styles which have evolved from the traditional types of calligraphy, namely Copperplate and Spencerian.

There are numerous ways people use this technique; either with a pointed pen, brush pens or recently an engraving pen. It can be used for paper stationery, wedding invitations, custom design on mugs, glass bottles or pots, chalk-board lettering and many many more.

Just Google and you'll see all the delightful ways to use this craft as per your liking.


There are mainly 4 essential tools required to start:

  • Pen-holder - you can either start with a straight or an oblique pen-holder. I'd recommend starting with a straight wooden holder, as they have better grip compared to the plastic ones.

  • Nib - Zebra G & Nikko G are my go to nibs for every workshop. They are strong and the medium-flexibility enables an easy start for any beginner.

  • Ink - Always remember not any pen ink can work for this. You need a special calligraphy ink, such as Sumi Ink or Higgins which are opaque with a smooth viscosity. These are best to start with. To add to the fun, there are many other brands such as Dr. Ph. Martins and Finetic for metallic inks, and Ziller inks for some amazing pastel colors.

  • Paper - Any normal printing paper with 100 gsm and above works. This is cost-effective and the thickness helps prevent ink bleeding. For a better practice, Rhodia pad is an ideal choice.

Unfortunately, Middle East, and especially Oman is not the best place to source these supplies. You'll mostly have to order through Amazon or other online sites. If you're lucky enough you might find the ink in a Daiso store, but that's about it.

Here are some online shop suggestions (apart from Amazon):

I usually have an extra stock of the basics(pen holder, nibs and ink) which I use for my workshops. If you wish to start your journey quick and don't have the patience to wait for the delivery time, just reach out and I shall have the kit ready for you!

Also NO extra custom or shipping charges apply! :)


Now you've got all your fancy tools in place, but how do you use them unless you know how to go about it! There's a pool of information available on the web but you don't know whom to really follow.

My suggestion will always be -

She has a ton of information you need and amazing calligraphy worksheets to get you started, at a reasonable price. Just download, print and start writing.

And if you feel you need some live demo, then you're most welcome to join my in-person workshops. Just share your e-mail and I'll keep you posted on my upcoming workshops.

There's one thing I always mention to my students, I can provide you with the best of the tools and tips, but patience and practice is something you'll have to bring in.

Below is an example of my practice before and now. The strokes have definitely improved but the learning never stops.

I hope this read was helpful to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Thank you being here, and have a wonderful day!


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