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Patches Project


Bringing together my passion and a purpose.

A project started to bring a change, to change the notion that dogs are cruel.

All it takes is understanding and kindness. 

Early November 2022, O witnessed a mass shooting of stray (wadi dogs) by the legal authorities due to an unfortunate incident that happened with a small boy and a stray dog.

In the same shooting all animal volunteers witnessed some horrible deaths and all rescue teams got at work to try and save each and every voiceless life possible.

In the same massacre I lost our friend Patches. Even though he didn't stay with us, he would always join us for our evening walks. He was a friend to many in the area for about 10 years. 

One late evening when I couldn't find him in the area I went looking for him and found him sitting paralyzed. Panicked and in tears I rushed him to an emergency vet just to find out that the damage was beyond repair and we had to put him to sleep.

The bullet went through his spine and he was half paralyzed and there seemed to be no hope.

In an instance it made me realize the value of life.  

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