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Komal Ganatra

artist & founder

Hello! Welcome to my creative space.

I’m Komal, a modern calligrapher, watercolor artist and a designer.

Design has been an integral part of my life with a degree and seven years of experience in Fashion Design. I feel blessed to have found calligraphy and watercolors as my meaningful form of work, where I can create beauty in the simplest of things. 

I currently live in Muscat, Oman and love that my work can travel all over the world.

Komal & Color started in mid 2017, where my love for pointed-pen calligraphy started taking shape. What began as sharing my passion through workshops in Calligraphy & Watercolors, has evolved into a full fledged Design studio.


We specialize in providing a range of professional services like wall murals, wedding invitations, brand activations, & commissions; using the creative form of calligraphy and watercolors with a little magic of digitizing.

With Komal & Color, I strive to bring back the love & appreciation for handmade with customization being the key.

If I'm not busy working away, you'll find me either reading, playing with my pets or challenging myself with some yoga asanas.

Thank you for checking out my little space on the internet.

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creative artist with pets in her design studio
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